The Brewers of Europe Forum 2022

Coinciding with the 2022 Brewers Forum in Madrid and running from May 30 to June 5, EU Green Week is the annual event for European environmental showcases and debates amongst policymakers, NGOs, business and other and stakeholders from Europe and beyond. Its theme this year is ‘EU Green Deal – Make it Real’, with events looking at the circular economy, zero pollution, and biodiversity.

With ten hours of presentations and debate dedicated to environmental sustainability over the first two days of the Brewers Forum and EBC Congress, it should therefore come as no surprise that the European Commission awarded this year’s Forum and Congress the status of Official Partner Event of EU Green Week 2022.

The EU Green Deal, its signature environmental initiative, is one of the six cross-sectoral priorities of the European Commission, and Europe’s brewers have a vital role to play. Through a ‘grain to glass’ strategy, pioneering and innovative leadership in cutting emissions and waste reduction and interconnections throughout the value chain, the Brewers Forum and EBC Congress is a key opportunity for brewers, suppliers, distributors and retailers to share experiences and bring people together for sustainability and the good of the planet.