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Are you a brewer or a business operating in the beer value chain in Europe that has taken steps to integrate environmental sustainability in your operations? If so, we’d love to know more and to promote your efforts.

Upcycling brewery waste streams

01/09/2022 - 31/08/2026

European - Spain, Germany, Portugal, Others, United Kingdom

CHEERS is an EU funded project which aims to find new uses for the brewing industry waste by-streams, converting it into high value-added industrial bio-products through a biorefinery approach.

The tech company using AI and robotics to save water


Global - United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, EU

Pubinno, Inc. is a San Francisco-based technology company that uses AI and robotics. Pubinno works with four of the world's top 10 breweries to produce 'Perfect Beer' and save hundreds of million litres of water.

How the BeerTrim stops beer taps from leaking


Packaging, Circularity - Global - Global

The BeerTrim nozzle is a simple, waste-saving device designed to improve tap performance and bar efficiency. A patented gadget that retrofits onto any beer pipe or tap, BeerTrim uses laminar flow to ensure a smooth and stable flow of beer from the tap with minimal foaming and fobbing.

Sustainable brewery in Salzburg, Austria


Energy - Regional, National - Austria

"As a privately-owned brewery we feel personally obliged to uphold certain values. Environmental sustainability and quality-consciousness play a decisive role here. Our annual Sustainability Report is compiled according to GRI standards, and documents our priorities, achievements and goals."

Mahou San Miguel is committed to sustainability in its strategy


Energy - National, Trans-national - Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands

In 2018, Mahou San Miguel was a pioneer in launching ecological sunshades with nanotechnology that contribute to purify the air by eliminating harmful substances. In 2021, the Spanish brewer will introduce sustainable sunshades in six key international markets.

Royal Grolsch creates future-proof ‘Kornuit’ forest


National - Netherlands

An existing collaboration between Koninklijke Grolsch and Landschap Overijssel has led to a special project: the planting of the Future-proof Kornuitbos forest. This forest contains various tree species that are able to cope with the changing climate.

The Schladming Brewery – a green brewery


Local, Regional, National - Austria

Schladminger beer has been brewed with 100% green energy since mid-2019. A new energy concept was developed for sustainable production, which requires cooperation with the local district heating network on the one hand and an independent pellet heating system on the other.

Alken-Maes goes for sustainability


Energy - Local - Belgium

Alken-Maes will further reduce its environmental footprint through sourcing locally grown hops and barley, and by adding two wind turbines to sit alongside 6,000 solar panels on its brewery roof.

Athenian Brewery joins the H2020 funded AccelWater project

01/01/2021 - 31/12/2024

Local, Regional, National, Trans-national, European - Greece, EU

Athenian Brewery in Greece will support the EU-funded AccelWater project with its expertise, facilities and qualified personnel in the development and implementation of sustainable strategies to reduce water and energy consumption through an integrated approach.

Water for Hops


Water efficiency - - Czech Republic

Water for Hops project aims at finding solutions to secure enough water for future hop production in Saaz region in the Czech Republic.

Local recoursing & most Sustainable brewhouse of Europe


European, Local - Netherlands

Sinds the end of the 90's about 95% of our raw matherials are sources with 25 local farmers. In 2001 we re-introduced the cultivation of hops in The Netherlands. In 2020 we opend our new brewhouse; the most sustainable brewhouse of Europe.

Heineken’s Sol now brewed with solar energy


Energy - Global - Global

Since April 2020, HEINEKEN's Sol beer has been brewed using solar energy thanks to the installation of 9,212 solar panels in its brewery in Zoeterwoude. Consumers across 50 markets now have access to the sunshine beer, which marks an important step in its journey to reduce its carbon footprint.