An existing collaboration between Koninklijke Grolsch and Landschap Overijssel has led to a special project: the planting of the Future-proof Kornuitbos. This forest contains various tree species that are able to cope with the changing climate. By planting the forest, the brewer is offsetting its CO2 emissions and both parties are calling for attention to biodiversity and the climate.

The action around the forest is carried out by the Kornuit brand, which is part of Koninklijke Grolsch. ‘Kornuit stands for experiencing beautiful moments. Unfortunately, these moments often come along with a lot of CO2 emissions. Whether this is producing beer or drinking our beer at a festival’, says Yara Pelzer, Brand Manager at Kornuit. Like many others, we are concerned about CO2 emissions and the environment. That’s why we would like to compensate some of these emissions by planting a Kornuit forest’.

Making an impact together

Royal Grolsch has been associated with Landschap Overijssel for many years as a ‘business friend’. At the beginning of this year, this led to the idea of planting a forest together.

‘This is a great example that shows that you can make a real impact together. And it’s very concrete: in about 10 years’ time there will be a mature, future-proof forest that different generations will be able to enjoy for years to come. How beautiful is that,’ says Koert van ‘t Hof, Corporate Affairs Director at Royal Grolsch.

‘The Kornuitbos is an example of how companies can do something for the landscape. By linking our objectives to each other, we came to this innovative collaboration. This shows that corporate social responsibility and biodiversity can work together! We also challenge other companies to enter into this collaboration’, says Eibert Jongsma, deputy director-director at Landschap Overijssel.

The future-proof Kornuitforest

The forest will be located between Twente Airport and the A1 motorway near Oldenzaal. The total area is about eight hectares, of which four hectares will be planted with forest. Various tree species will soon be seen in the forest, such as lime, hawthorn, black alder, wild apple, sweet cherry, ash, oak and tree hazel. All of these species have been chosen because they originated in this area. Moreover, these trees are more resistant to the expected climate change (drought, extreme precipitation). In addition to forest plantations, larger trees are also planted to give the new forest an immediate appearance.

Sustainable Character

Planting a forest fits in well with Kornuit’s sustainable vision. Kornuit was the first in the world to make a crate from 100% recycled plastic consumer waste and the tin foils were produced entirely from recycled plastic. The special thing about this campaign is that consumers influence the size of this forest by purchasing an action product: the more people participate, the bigger the forest. More information can be found at

Rick, site manager of the piece of forest, already took a look at the place where the Kornuit Forest is going to be: Watch the movie here!

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