Gulpener is a 8th generation family run brewery that produces approx 100.000 HL beer.

In 1996 we started a cooperation with 25 local farmers to cultivate our barley. Since then every year about 2000- 2500 tons of barley is produces on 400-450 acres of farmland in our own region.

In 2001 we started cultivatin Hops which led to appox 4 acres of hops cultivated by the Wouters family. A farmer in the next village. Water is ofcource from our own wells. This leads to about 95% of local sourcing of our raw matherials.

In 2020 we opened our new brewhouse, built together with Meura campany, which is the most sustainable brewhouse in Europe. Compared to our old brewhouse there is a 75% reduction of energy use. This is accomplished by a number of innovations from Meura company and from the combination of our two engeneering teams. The brewhouse is already equipped to be connected to a heatpump in the near future which will make the brewhouse completely fossile free.

An important step on the way to fossile free beer production in 2030!