Asahi Europe & International (AEI) has signed up to the World Federation of Advertisers’ Planet Pledge, a global commitment to making marketing teams a force for positive change both internally and with the consumers who buy their products and services.

By signing the pledge, Asahi has committed to using its marketing communications to promote and reinforce attitudes and behaviours that will help the world meet the challenges laid out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“At Asahi Europe & International we have an amazing opportunity to bring alive sustainable behaviours in a locally relevant and engaging way,” Grant McKenzie, Chief Marketing Officer at Asahi Europe & International said. “Our sustainability strategy Legacy 2030 will be the change we ourselves make and the one we inspire in farmers, suppliers, customers and consumers. The WFA Planet Pledge was obvious and intuitive for us as we seek to create meaningful connections in a healthy planet for generations to come.”

The Pledge was launched at WFA’s Global Marketer Week in April this year and seeks a role for marketing as a force for environmental change by encouraging action in four key areas:

  1. Commit to being a champion for the global Race to Zero campaign both internally within their organisations and to encouraging their marketing supply chain to do the same;
  2.  Scale marketing organisations to lead climate action by providing tools and guidance for their marketers and agencies;
  3. Harness the power of marketing communications to drive more sustainable consumer behaviours;
  4. Reinforce a trustworthy marketing environment, where sustainability claims can be easily substantiated and consumers can trust marketing messages as they seek to align their own consumption with their values.

Progress on all these goals will be reported annually by the WFA.