We understand the importance of Sustainability!

We developed our DOLIUM one-way kegs with sustainability in mind.

DOLIUM already offers very interesting financial saving to brewers facing the high cost of low rotation markets, managing production peaks, and launching new markets and new drinks… but to be a serious alternative to stainless steel kegs, we also need to be ecologically superior.

We are proud to say that DOLIUM kegs are 100% recyclable and circular: today we can reuse 60% of the materials to produce new kegs, and the other 40% of the materials can be used for validated second life applications. In 2019 we started using rHDPE in our keg manufacturing.

In 2019 we also kicked off our recycling and collection pilots in major cities across Belgium, France and the Netherlands. In preparation of the reopening of the HORECA in the Benelux & France, we have prepared our keg collection program, developed local dismantling, and realized solutions for 100% reuse of the materials together with our recycling partners. All at no cost for our customers. The program will then be extended to other countries.

Please contact us on recycling@dolium.eu or visit www.doliumkegs.com for more information