The BeerTrim nozzle is a simple, waste-saving device designed to improve tap performance and bar efficiency. A patented gadget that retrofits onto any beer pipe or tap, BeerTrim uses laminar flow to ensure a smooth and stable flow of beer from the tap with minimal foaming and fobbing.

BeerTrim slashes beer waste, allowing venues to take control of their environmental footprint. If adopted globally, it could prevent the loss of millions of litres of beer and reduce carbon emissions through improved logistics.

Why do we need something like BeerTrim? Because of waste at the point of dispense, which is an overlooked sustainability concern. Foaming (fobbing) and over-pouring are all leading causes of beer waste, and they have profound environmental and economic consequences for venues. Pouring beer down the drain not only means pouring profits away, but it has negative repercussions for the ecosystems involved in the breakdown of water waste once it has entered the system, impairing the function of many different ‘sewer bugs’.

Impaired keg yield is also an issue. If we consider a water-to-beer ratio of 3:1, combined with a keg (the UK standard being 50 litres or 11 imperial gallons) yield of 90%, then an average beer waste of 10% on every keg equates to 15 litres (3.3 gallons) of wasted freshwater. In a modest cellar with 50 kegs, this tallies up to 742.5 litres (165 gallons) of wasted freshwater.

BeerTrim helps venues sell more beer while also conserving water, meeting two of the pillars of sustainability: environment and economics. When used alongside an adjustment in line pressure, a BeerTrim Nozzle can double the flow rate, pouring four beers in under 30 seconds with unprecedented efficiency and quality, and improving customer experience.

In a post-pandemic market, BeerTrim also supports the green recovery from the pandemic, streamlining waste and increasing profits, regardless of bar experience. It empowers hospitality to make a positive environmental impact. BeerTrim helps them take control of their dispense waste and increase keg yield while reinforcing longer-term sustainability.

A BeerTrim nozzle retrofitted to an existing beer tap can raise keg yield by almost 97%. This extra 7% of saved beer equates to 24 litres (2.3 gallons) of saved water. In a modest cellar with 50 kegs, this equates to 518 litres (115 gallons) of water saved. In a busy city establishment selling 50 kegs per week, this equates to 26,910 litres (5,980 gallons) of freshwater saved every week.

We’ve worked hard to ensure BeerTrim’s cradle-to-grave life cycle is environment-friendly, with a material carbon cost of only 80 grams over its lifetime. Our suppliers are local, we always ship overland where possible, our packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard, we’ve pledged to be carbon-neutral by 2030, and we donate a portion of our profits to WaterAid and 1% for the Planet. In addition, we have a buyback policy and hope to create a second-hand market. We believe BeerTrim can empower venues to make better, more sustainable choices and raise their bar’s efficiency.

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