The Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UBB) held a Forum for Sustainable Development dedicated to three emblematic anniversaries of the beer sector in the country – 140 years Bulgarian brewing industry, 65 years national brewing science and 30 years since the founding of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UBB). The economic, social and environmental contribution of the sector and its commitment to the Brewers of Europe green pledge were the highlights of the Forum, under the slogan ‘Transparent-Responsible-Sustainable’. Participants noted that the beer industry continues to grow sustainably, despite the fallout from the COVID pandemic.

The Forum showed how both big and small brewers have adopted circular economy solutions and sustainable practices in their brewing processes and supply chains. UBB initiated a Green Beer Academy with educational initiatives that benefit the industry and have a direct environmental impact. An ‘eco library’ and an interactive green calculator were introduced on the UBB website.

A special calculator let visitors calculate their own contribution to cutting the carbon footprint of beer through the separate collection and recycling of packaging. It was a small but a effective demo showing how everyone’s actions impact the environment. UBB chairman Vladimir Ivanov, CEO Ivana Radomirova, general managers of the brewing companies, experts from the scientific circles and partnership organisations presented statistics, viewpoints, green practices and trends in the sector. UBB also received a special award for its sustainable initiatives and achievements, from the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

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