Renault report that this is their first contract on this scale in Europe, demonstrating that electric trucks are a commercial and operational reality.

It was the result of investigations into alternatives to diesel for our fleets of trucks, to cut the carbon emissions of delivering our beer.

The comprehensive trial in our Swiss depots highlighted specific features we needed to optimise sustainable beer delivery. As a result, 20 fully electric heavy-duty trucks will be deployed in Switzerland at our Feldschlösschen brewery, servicing 15 logistical sites. The Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. will make daily delivery rounds of 100 to 200 km from 15 logistical sites in the area around Feldschlösschen brewery. This is also supplemented by the use of railway lines.

The trucks will be recharged at our breweries using 100% renewable electricity and across Feldschlösschen’s network using renewable energy.