The Brewers of Europe aim to have a positive impact on society, people and the planet. Find out about how we have been taking huge steps towards sustainability and what plans we have for the future

The Brewers of Europe Virtual Sustainability Forum 20-21 October 2020

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Six sessions over two days, learn how brewing can help biodiversity and the environment. From unpicking relevant policy to the latest technical solutions, if you care about brewing green you don’t want to miss this event.


The Brewers of Europe aim to have a positive impact on society, people and the planet.

For many years we have encouraged sustainable practices in our brewing processes, in our supply chains, and in how beer is consumed and enjoyed.

We are central to a circular European economy and our progress goes hand-in-hand with the aims of the new European Green Deal.

The beer sector today innovates, leads by example and brings people together for sustainability.



From micro to macro, the diverse number and type of breweries have made direct improvements on the use of water, energy, transport and packaging.

We’re committed to reducing CO2 emissions, waste and providing the reuse of secondary products through innovative processes and solutions in partnership with others.

There’s more to be done and we’re working with our suppliers, distributors and retailers to follow the same philosophy.


This is the launch of our platform on sustainability in the beer sector, but brewers have long encouraged sustainable practices in our brewing processes, in our supply chains, and in how beer is consumed and enjoyed.

Now there is an opportunity to combine our expertise and leadership as members of The Brewers of Europe to show collectively how we can contribute to the overarching European and global commitments and ambitions.

The EU Green Deal remains one of the six cross-sectoral priorities for the European Commission, relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals that are important strategic ambitions across the world.

The Brewers of Europe is a vital competent of this strategy.

It is part of the ‘grain to glass’ strategy for our industry – beer is central to a circular economy and an interconnected part of many sectors. We want to make sure that sustainability is implemented throughout our organisations for the good of the planet.

The COVID19 crisis has been hugely disruptive and damaging to our sector in Europe. However, our commitment to sustainability remains at the heart of our priorities and will continue to be central to any ‘green recovery’ as the brewing sector rises from the current crisis.

Latest initiatives

Circular fridges to zero waste at HEINEKEN Mexico


Circularity - National - Others

HEINEKEN is working with one of its fridge manufacturers in Mexico to collect more than 7,300 used fridges from the market. This means that 99.8% of the components of old fridges can now be reused, remanufactured or recycled.

HEINEKEN pioneers zero-emission shipping in the Netherlands


Transport - National - Netherlands

Zero Emission Services B.V., a Dutch company, is introducing interchangeable battery containers to make inland shipping emission-free, HEINEKEN is their first client. The company has entered into a 10-year agreement, making great step towards climate-neutral logistics in the Netherlands.

Our contribution


6,000 years in the making: innovating for sustainability at every step in the process and every link in the supply chain.


We promote, demonstrate and act on sustainability so that others can follow our lead.


Locally rooted, globally relevant: working together for a sustainable future.


From micro to macro, brewers can make direct improvements because our diversity is our strength.



Sustainable energy

Building more energy efficient breweries leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions.


Sustainable packaging

Innovative packaging solutions, recyclable containers and schemes.


Water efficiency

Ensuring our number one ingredient is protected and nature is supported by our operations.



Sustainability biodiversity and secondary products

Using brewers’ grain, yeast and other by-products to cut waste and enhance biodiversity, returning nutrients to nature.


Circularity and waste recycling

Aiming to eliminate waste and create a truly circular economy.


Sustainable energy

Moving beer in the best way possible. Working with our supply chain on solutions such as emissions-free trucks and even canal boats.