Mahou San Miguel has switched to 100% recycled and recyclable furniture on the terraces of the restaurants and bars of its customers. The initiative makes Mahou San Miguel the first company in Spain to offer terraces with recyclable furniture, saving 662 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

This renovation is being carried out progressively: so far, Mahou San Miguel has distributed 43,000 terraces of this type among its customers, and the aim is for all its terraces with tables and chairs to be made of 100% recycled material before the end of 2022, cutting emissions by an additional 2,650 tonnes of CO2. The new tables and chairs bear the legend ‘100% recyclable and 100% recycled’, to promote the circularity of all its packaging and materials, eliminating virgin plastic.

This initiative is part of Mahou San Miguel’s On-Trade Transformation Plan, which includes €40 million of investment in 2021. Other measures include terrace sunshades that improve air quality, thanks to nanotechnology that is applied directly to its fabric and filters out harmful particles.

To complete the circularity life cycle of its terraces, Mahou San Miguel will donate the old furniture to NGOs, foundations, and social institutions: more than 50 organisations have benefited from this project, reaching 30,000 people from different social groups.