Campus Peroni was born in June 2018: a project and story made of people, passion, quality and talent that are brought together for the first time in a unique centre of excellence.

Thanks to the partnerships signed between Birra Peroni, Saplo Malting Plant, CREA (National Research Centre for Agriculture) and the Agriculture Departments of 6 Universities in Italy, Campus Peroni promotes training and innovation based on two key pillars of beer quality: sustainable cultivation of beer barley and 100% Italian malt.

Campus Peroni is a centre of excellence that wants to promote and spread a culture of quality and sustainability in the agricultural and cereal sector, in continuity with a common thread already traced and consolidated over the years.

It is a virtuous model of exchange between research, training, innovation and agricultural production that builds a strong network and benchmarks for the enhancement of our supply chain.

The students of the 6 universities through Campus (training sessions, field visits, congress) have the opportunity to follow an educational path with focus on beer barley cultivation and sustainability. The farmers of our supply chain have become real tutors, guiding the students in learning techniques and models of the cultivation process, the malting process and the management of a modern farm.

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