Gambrinus Brewery, as the first large beer brand in the Czech Republic, stopped selling beer in PET bottles on 1 January 2020. Thanks to this, the brewery will reduce plastic production by 334 tons per year.

Gambrinus will continue to be available to customers in glass bottles, beer cans, kegs and beer tanks in pubs and restaurants.

“Gambrinus has decided to follow the path of common sense and stop producing more plastic where it is not needed. We also respond to the wishes of our consumers, for whom not only the quality of the product is important, but also what we make packaging from and how we treat nature. We all know that disposable plastics are a problem that unnecessarily pollutes our surroundings. That is why we will reduce their production and stop offering our beer in plastic packaging from the new year. The Czechs are a beer nation that still prefers bottled and draft beer, ”says Roman Trzaskalik, Marketing Director of Plzeňský Prazdroj.

In addition to ending sales in PET bottles, Gambrinus also started using 100% recycled plastic films, in which larger numbers of cans are packed. “Overall, Gambrinus will reduce plastic production by more than 330 tons in 2020 alone, which is about 14 fully loaded trucks,” adds Roman Trzaskalik.