This ground-breaking collaborative initiative brings to life HEINEKEN’s bold concept to revolutionise inland shipping in the Netherlands. Gathering a powerful collaboration of like-minded big corporations to launch ZES makes HEINEKEN frontrunner in the energy transition. It’s a new milestone of HEINEKEN Netherlands Supply’s Green corridor initiative.

HEINEKEN’s journey

HEINEKEN’s journey towards carbon neutral operations starts from its home country and aims to create a system that can be easily copied by other countries. It all started with HEINEKEN aiming for a sectorial transition, leading to an initial concept and a partnership.

Sustainable transporting

A sustainable way of transporting 45 000 containers of beer yearly in a carbon neutral way from HEINEKEN brewery in Zoeterwoude along rivers and canals to the port of Rotterdam for customers from more than 80 countries.

By 2030, 150 electric-powered ships are expected to be cruising Dutch inland waters, requiring about 20 docking stations and 300 battery containers. This would take us a significant way ahead in reducing the carbon footprint of inland navigation in the Netherlands, currently accounting for 5 percent of the Dutch transport sector’s carbon emissions

‘We were not looking for a stand-alone solution. Our goal is to make an impact by building the foundations of zero-emission logistics for all the ships in the Netherlands. And potentially all the ships on inland waterways in the world. Starting something revolutionary requires strong partnerships, we call it the coalition of the willing, and spikes innovation. As HEINEKEN this is what we are all about – breaking down barriers and wow the world by thinking differently.’

Jan Kempers, Sustainable Development program manager, HEINEKEN Netherlands Supply

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